Atlantis Submarine in Cozumel

Live the experience of the undersea world. This submarine is one of the most technically advanced passenger vessels. It is ready and prepped to take you to another world more than a 100 ft below the surface. It is a spacious, air conditioned, with large viewing ports to allow you to relax and enjoy the wonders of the deep.


Expert narration in English and Spanish adds interesting insights and alerts for you to view a school of colourful parrot fish, a hungry shark or a 90 years young sea turtle. Fish charts on each viewing window for passengers to know what they are seeing.


This is a great alternative to diving or snorkeling in Cozumel Mexico. If you don’t want to dive or snorkel in Cozumel, and still want to take advantage of the Cozumel reefs, this is a great opportunity. The Atlantis Submarine tour in Cozumel, is a great tour for the whole family. Discover the underwater world of Cozumel a different way.

TBA – reservations needed

* Briefing prior to boarding tender boat.
* Guided tour in Submarine
* Refreshments

Adults $99 / Children $64

Reservations are required..

Contact us if you have any inquiry about Atlantis Submarine


Cozumel Mexico Reservations: + 52 1 987 137 1056
From the U.S.: 917 517 7957

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