CozTours Friends

albatros charter cozumel

Albatros Charters

Cozumel, Mexico Fishing Charter

cozumel golf course

Golf Course

18 hole designed golf course and club.

cozumel friends

Friends of Cozumel

Friends of Cozumel is an informal network of families, friends, colleagues, donors and volunteers who share a common interest in benefitting families in need of Cozumel, Mexico.

galeria azul cozumel

Galería Azul

Glass articles hand blown by Greg

pelagic adventures fishing

Pelagic Ventures

Dive operator with 6 pack boats. PADI certified.

playa azul cozumel

Playa Azul

Beach Escape and Hotel Resort in the north zone.


Cozumel Mexico Reservations: + 52 1 987 137 1056
From the U.S.: 917 517 7957

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