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I fell in love with Cozumel’s beauty and its people as a frequent scuba diving visitor here for the last 12 years, exploring the coral reefs and the island’s natural beauty and rich art and culture found on-land. Living the island dream and excited to share it, I’ll continue Cozumel Tours’ wonderful history of creating fun, safe, and customized tours and excursions for visitors to Cozumel – new friends and loyal fans, alike.


Cozumel Tours is a fully licensed tour company that has been in operation since 2004 on Cozumel Island.  Our tours are personalized at very affordable prices for all clients, whether you’re arriving on a cruise ship visit, or spending your whole vacation here – divers and non-divers are very welcome.

There are rich histories and traditions in Cozumel, and always something new to learn about this “island of the swallows.”  Coz Tours – and our friendly, knowledgeable, and bilingual guides – can’t wait to show you around, and find something just right for you.  You’ll love it, too.


Please send me an email with your questions or ideas and we’ll be able to tailor a tour for you and your group. (To get in touch, please use coztoursonline@gmail.com, or our “Contact” function, here on the website.)



Rachel Schreck


Cozumel Mexico Reservations: + 52 1 987 137 1056
From the U.S.: 917 517 7957
Email: coztoursonline@gmail.com

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